praise for the backpack


Thank you to these kind folks who have said some great things about the book!

The Backpack is a simple, engaging story on the power of personal choice to improve your life. Tim shares his wisdom and practical steps on what it takes to fully succeed in life. 

—Jon Gordon, best-selling author of The Carpenter 

    Tim Gardner tells this memorable and clever story with humor, genuineness, and plenty of well-earned wisdom. Rare is the author who can challenge the best of leaders to be better and Tim cuts to the core of what leaders need to hear. Read it. And in the process, you’ll learn more about The Backpack you carry. You will be better for it. 

—Flip Flippen, founder and chairman of the Flippen Group, best-selling author of The Flip Side: Break Free of the Behaviors that Hold You Back. 

As the founder of a company whose only legacy is to develop leaders, I’ve learned that self-awareness is one of the ... if not the ... most important leadership skills. The Backpack tells a powerful and practical story on how you can grow in this critical yet often missing trait; one that is required to 

k be a successful leader.
—David P. Lindsey, founder and chairman of DEFENDERS, Inc., founder of the Super Service Challenge and trueU. 

The Backpack is an inspiring book that comes out of the mind and heart of a remarkable individual as well as a great storyteller. It is an engaging, challenging book that addresses the need for us to understand, own, and tweak our behaviors to be better, to love better, and to positively impact others. It is a call to “conversion!” As you read the stories you will say, “That’s me.” You will become more self-aware and challenged to be your best you ... guaranteed! 

—LTG (Ret) R.L. VanAntwerp, 39 Year Army Veteran and Leadership Coach, former Commanding General of the US Army Corp of Engineers 

The Backpack is one of those precious literary gems that all of us can relate to. It represents a loving and gentle reminder to slow down, pay attention, and take responsibility. Since reading it, I find myself sharing the engaging messages and metaphors with others in general conversation and each time we laugh and reflect on all of the people we’ve whacked with our backpacks. I finished the book with tears in my eyes, a full heart, and empowered to pay greater attention to how well I am loving others. 

—Andrea Butcher, president of HRD Advisory Group 


Dr. Tim Gardner remarkably frames personal improvement through self- awareness in The Backpack. Simple, high-impact, and timeless tools to help people grow personally and professionally are explained in action- able nuggets through his storytelling. I’ve had the privilege to personally be coached by Tim as well watch him head leadership development in multiple organizations with thousands of team members. I’ve consistently seen relationships healed, talent unleashed, and confidence grown. 

—Marcia Barnes, founder and CEO of Valve and Meter